Friday, August 27, 2021

Catholicism’s Prime Directive: Use Love When Reaching Out To Serve Those In Need

If I have learned anything in my life, it is that the normative is change; not status quo.  Whatever people plan, they “must” be ready to expect the unexpected and to do what is necessary to take care of the new direction.  If one doesn’t, he or she may discover that life runs in circles rather than towards an objective or a goal.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Faith Is Always A Matter Of Choice! Eternal Life Or Your Way? You Choose!


Deciding to follow God is not always an easy decision.  As humans we are familiar with things of the flesh so we often use our senses to decide which way is best for us.  God, on the other hand, places spirituality first; allowing us to choose for ourselves which path leads us in the right direction for eternal life.  Jesus never forced adherence, but instead invited, urged and appealed to people to believe in His teachings, healings and sacrifice as a sign of God’s truth for the people He created for everlasting life.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Called By God, Mary’s “Yes” Is Honored By Her Assumption As A Model For Our Faith In God!


God has blessed me with some remarkable women in my life.  Each one either gave or continues to give me a strong foundation on which I rely on how to live my life as a good person.  I owe much of my success to that and my failures to not listening enough.  On this the Feast of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I would like to take note not only of what these women have taught me, but of the significance of Mother Mary who is our discipleship model for all who believe in the Blessed Trinity and their plan for us.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Belief In God Brings Us Eternal Life! Relativism Rejects God And Moral Absolutes!


Prior to him becoming Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger gave a homily that warned the world about a new threat to human freedom and dignity he called “The Dictatorship of Relativism.”  He said: “We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one’s own ego and desires.”