Friday, May 14, 2021

Jesus’ Footprint On The Mount Of Olives Connects Us With His Heavenly Home And The Opportunity To Proclaim His Gospel

It is early morning of Tuesday, October 6, 2015, and I am staring up into the sky on the top of Mount Olivet (Mount of Olives) in Bethany, Israel, next to the Chapel of the Ascension. I am imagining that I am one of the Apostles looking at Jesus as he ascends into heaven.  This happened after I exited     a 12 by 12 meter octagonal structure known as a martyrium (memorial) in which can be found a glass-encased rock on which rests the footprint of Jesus prior to His ascension into heaven. 

Friday, May 7, 2021

It Was Not You Who Chose Me, It Was I Who Chose You To Go Forth And Bear Fruit!

This is my favorite verse from the Bible, John 15:16a.  It is the one that clarifies God’s love for me and is not based on my initial belief that I am the one who sets the parameters for my relationship with God, but that He does out of His love.  I am truly created in the divine image and likeness of God and called to be His disciple.

Friday, April 30, 2021

God’s Spiritual Bond With Us Helps Us To Boldly Love Him In Thought, Word And Deed


Several years ago in one corner of our backyard, a flowering vine started to creep over our wall from a neighbor’s yard.  We decided to let it grow since it hid the drab grey block wall surrounding all the open land from the front of the house to the back.  In the five years since, 70 percent of the wall is covered and has greatly enhanced the wall and yard’s look.

Friday, April 23, 2021

I Hear The Voice Of Jesus, The Good Shepherd, Help Me Say Yes To His Truth!


Several years ago, I developed tinnitus in both my ears.  It is a constant ringing, 24/7, that is it’s loudest when all is quiet.  It is blessing that I have been able to block it out when I go to sleep.  What is more amazing is that I am able to pick out individual sounds when there are multiple noises, such as voices of those speaking, as long as I am close enough to hear.