Friday, September 22, 2023

Following God’s Ways Brings us to the Path of Everlasting Life! Asking God to Follow Ours May Lead to a Place Without Peace!

God, out of His love, created us for a purpose.  We are called throughout our life to discover what that is.  As disciples, God gives us multiple gifts to understand the ways of the Lord.  It is from this aspect that we practice our faith as true and faithful servants of the Blessed Trinity in thought, word and deed, as well as faith, hope and love.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Jesus’ Forgiveness Knows No Bounds! As Disciples, Let Us Also Offer Love, Mercy And Forgiveness!

Anger is common to all humans, whether we harbor it or someone else does against us. 
What is important is how we define and handle anger.  Is it justifiable or not?  And, in a biblical sense, is it sinful?  It is this last aspect that will possibly cost us to lose our soul if we don’t address the cause!

Friday, September 8, 2023

As A Community Of Faith Together We Grow As Disciples In Love, Mercy And Forgiveness!

In conversations with people, I have discovered over the years that everyone has been involved in dysfunctional behavior in their family either directly or indirectly.  In an effort to solve this, a few are trying to talk it out between themselves, working to improve one’s behavior over time.  Others may attempt an intervention to eliminate the problems.  Some are more serious and require professional assistance.

Friday, September 1, 2023

Duped or Loved? A Disciple's decision for following God


Based upon numerous studies by sociologists and psychologists throughout the years, their results have told us for the most part that our perceptions about life are based on expectations we encounter whether based on what we are told, see, hear, experience or believe.  And, from that conclusion, many people decide what reality is in their lives.